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Bronze portrait statue of the empress Julia Aquilia Severa, from Sparta, Lakonia.
AD 221-222

Portrait statue of the empress Julia Aquilia Severa, made of bronze. It was found at Sparta, Lakonia. The woman wears a chiton and a himation and will have had a crown on her head. The coiffure which is characteristic of the Severan dynasty, combined with the extensive damage attributed to damnatio memoriae (posthumous condemnation involving the destruction of images and the erasing of the name of the condemned person from public monuments), had led to the identification of the figure depicted with one of the leading female figures of the Severan dynasty who suffered this fate –Julia Mamaea, mother and co-empress of the emperor Alexander Severus, Plautilla, wife of the emperor Caracalla, or Annia Faustina, third wife of Heliogabalus.
Julia Aquilia was the second and then the fourth and last wife of the emperor Heliogabalus (AD 218-222). There is no evidence that Julia Aquilia Severa suffered damnatio memoriae. The poor condition of the statue is the result of the collapse of the building in which it was erected, caused by a fire, as it is clear from the excavation record.
Height 1,84 m.