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  The catalogue  

A fully illustrated exhibition catalogue with eleven commissioned essays by eminent scholars is available.

Introduction by Dr Nikolaos Kaltsas and Dr Alan Shapiro;
1. ''Ancient Greek Women and the Gods'' by Professor Mary Lefkowitz, Wellesley College;
2. ''Women in the Cult of Athena'', by Professor Olga Palagia, University of Athens;
3. ''Worship of Artemis in Attica: Cult places, Rites, Iconography'' by Professor Evgenia Vikela, Ionion University in Corfu;
4. ''The Worship of Aphrodite in Athens and Attica'' by Dr. Angelos Delivorias, Director of the Benaki Museum;
5. ''Women of Athens in the Worship of Demeter: Iconographic Evidence from Archaic and Classical Times'' by Professor Mihalis Tiverios, Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki;
6. ''Cults of Heroines in Ancient Athens'' by Professor Alan Shapiro, Johns Hopkins University;
7. ''In Divine Affairs--the Greatest Part: Women and Priesthoods in Classical Athens'' by Professor Joan Breton Connelly, New York University;
8. ''Adonia to Thesmophoria: Women and Athenian Festivals'' by Professor Jenifer Neils, Case Western Reserve University;
9. ''The participation of women in the worship and festivals of Dionysos'' by Dr. Stella Chryssoulaki, Ministry of Culture of Athens;
10. ''Women’s Ritual Roles in the Cycle of Life'' by Dr. Victoria Sabetai, Academy of Athens;
11. ''Women in Athenian Ritual and Funerary Art'' by Professor John Oakley, College of William and Mary in Virginia;

In addition, comprehensive entries on and illustrations of every object in the exhibition were researched and written by eminent archaeologists. The catalogue also contains a full bibliography.