DEC 2021



FEB 2022



Art exhibition of Georgina Armacola “Ηuman Works” at the National Archaeological Museum’s Cafe


Georgina Armacola’s painting is, as the title of the exhibition states, a deeply anthropocentric painting, not only because of its subject matter, which is a common place in world art – portraits and complexes, but because it penetrates the uniqueness of the human psyche and it finally calls us to accept the weakness of the human being.

Armacola, using simple means of expression, rough lines and related color tones, effortlessly manages to structure carnal, painful, heartbreaking forms. Her works, with a strong sense of materiality but stripped of everything pompous and unnecessary, are shaped through a process of personal and artistic purification.

In contrast to the statues of antiquity on display at the National Archaeological Museum, which praise the perfection of the body and the meekness of the spirit, the figures of Armacola seem to suffer from the weight of their existence, devoured by the perishability of matter. They bring experiences, memories and reflections, they are anxious for their place in modern reality. And it is more in those forms that are depicted in pairs than in individual portraits, where the feeling of deeper loneliness is captured.

Responsible for the organization is Emilia Kougia.

Exhibition duration: 15-12-2021 to 15-02-2022.

The entrance to the Café is Free.

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