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2024The flawless harmony of nature

Year 2023 was the hottest ever recorded on the planet. This finding comes as governments are negotiating whether for the first time will gradually phase out the use of coal, oil and natural gas, producing CO2 (carbon dioxide), the main source of warming emissions, at the COP28 summit in Dubai (source: https://globalcarbonbudget.org/).

Civilians are sending an SOS message calling for action: to halt and reverse the loss of biodiversity and restore natural areas in Europe and around the world.

The National Archaeological Museum actively participates in this cry of distress of the planet and dedicates all the actions of 2024 to biodiversity.

Our successful web action EXHIBIT OF THE MONTH is dedicated for 2024 to the flawless harmony of nature. For the ancient Greeks, knowing Nature meant knowing one’s self; in fact, one of the founders of the Stoic School, the philosopher Chrysippus (280-206 BC), wrote that “the only reason to study nature is in order to distinguish good from evil.”

Twelve (12) “biographies” of antiquities from the permanent exhibitions of the Museum’s Collections, one (1) on the 24th of each month of the year, will be presented to our online followers and invite them to have a closer look at them in the Museum. Each “biography” bears the signature, personal style and academic integrity of the National Archaeological Museum’s curators. Each “biography” is supplemented with rich photographic material and selective bibliography, and is offered in two languages, Greek and English.

As in previous years, the editorial and coordination committee of the action is composed by the curators Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi, Efi Oikonomou and Chrysanthi Tsouli, and the conservator Maria Kontaki.


We hope you will enjoy it,


Anna Vasiliki Karapanagioti

General Director of the National Archaeological Museum