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2021Faces and Identities

“The Exhibit of the Month”, the web event of the National Archaeological Museum, in 2021 is dedicated to ‘Faces and Identities”. Expressive figures that experience crowing moments of life, figures that possess characteristics indicative of their identity and personalities related to the contemporary history of the Museum, whose deeds contributed to the formation of the modern Greek identity.

Faces happy or sad, faces looking with hope or lust, faces that froze in time, gazing at death in a melancholic look for all those things that they did not have the chance to live, faces of men and women, of warriors and craftsmen, faces of imaginary creatures, but also faces ordinary, familiar, beautiful and malformed. A multitudinous portraiture of the world of antiquity, in an encounter with the persons liable to its study.

The new thematic unity aspires to emphasize the role of persons by breaking the barriers of centuries, and eventually to re-introduce the museum audience to masterpieces of antiquity, presented in the permanent exhibitions of the National Archaeological Museum. Moreover, it aims to introduce important personalities who were active, based in the Great Museum, during the first years of its operation. Every month, on the 21st, a new exhibit will be displayed, ready to narrate a new story.