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Conservation and physicochemical research of antiquities belong to the Department of Conservation, Physical – Chemical Research & Archaeometry. The Department’s duties include the research for methods and conservation materials and their effectiveness, archaeometry research, conservation reports and surveys, conservation work (preventive and active), designing and making of mounts, installation and de-installation of temporary exhibitions, escorting antiquities in Greece and abroad and finally, writing reports for objects that their authenticity is under question.

The Department of Conservation, Physical – Chemical Research & Archaeometry of the National Archaeological Museum consists of five laboratories:

  • Ceramics and Minor Arts Conservation Laboratory
  • Metals Conservation laboratory
  • Sculpture Conservation laboratory
  • Organic Materials, Paper and Photo Negatives Conservation Laboratory.
  • Physical – Chemical Research & Archaeometry Laboratory

The Department employs twelve (12) conservators with different specialties. They present their work in museum’s special events and activities, in conferences and workshops, while publishing in scientific peer reviewed journals.

Head of the Department is Dr. Georgianna Moraitou.

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