Digital virtual tour for persons with mobility impairment or hard of hearing individuals in the context of the National Archaeological Museum Action Plan for People with Disabilities

Enjoy a digital tour through the 36 rooms of the National Archaeological Museum and familiarize yourselves with 86 of its exhibit.
Our digital visitor strolls freely through the Museum rooms and has access to information about the selected exhibits.
The digital tour is the outcome of the collaboration of the National Archaeological Museum with the PostScriptum company, via cultural sponsorship in kind.

User guide:

Tags: Locate the blue spots in the space, either by looking at the floorplan, or the dollhouse view or in the course of your casual digital  walk-through
Choose the point of interest: Click on the drop down arrow at the bottom left on your sceen for a horizontal reel of images to appear. Choose the icon “Play” next to the lower arrow or click on the images to get transferred to the point of your interest
Choose floor: Visit the spaces of your preference by selecting floorplan, floor or dollhouse view (depicted in the icons at the bottom left)
Choose room: Select room by its number, clicking on the floorplan (bottom left)

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