Free entry card
Information on the right to enter individual monuments, organized archaeological sites, historical sites and museums belonging to the State can be found at
ΦΕΚ 2173/Β/13-7-2016, σελ. 23641-23676.

Permits for the export of modern images or works abroad
To certify that imitations or copies of ancient works intended for export from the Greek territory are not genuine antiquities, an application must be filled in by the Secretariat of the Museum and an attached statement of the works.

Photography right video recording
Non-flash photography and video recording of the Museum’s outdoor areas and exhibitions are free of charge, as long as the photographs are not used for business purposes.
For professional commercial photography, filming or filming in the Museum for commercial or other purposes, licensing and payment of fees for the Archaeological Resources and Expropriations Fund are required. The license is granted upon completion of a relevant application by the person concerned, in special forms available at the Museum’s Secretariat.

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