Open Museum


The ‘Open Museum’ was a special event of the National Archaeological Museum, aiming to introduce to the general public the multifaceted work carried out researching, conserving, and promoting antiquities. What is going on in the conservation laboratories while antiquities are getting prepared to meet the light of publicity in the exhibition rooms of the National Archaeological Museum, but also to travel to museums and exhibitions all over the world? What specialties work together for the study, conservation – restoration, and care of antiquities that are kept in the Museum?

The presentations, lasting from half to one hour took place on Thursdays at 12 and included on-site observation of the exhibits, power point presentations, and demonstration of special conservation techniques with scientific instruments, as well as visits to the conservation laboratories. With the help of technology and personal contact with the staff of the Conservation Department of the National Archaeological Museum, visitors had the opportunity to learn about important aspects of its scientific activity.

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