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Art exhibition “amen, for what is not” by Maria Methimaki at the Museum Cafe


Maria Methimaki presents from Tuesday, January 16 2024 (17:00-20:00), at the Cafe of the National Archaeological Museum, her second individual exhibition under the title “amen, for what is not”. She suggests to the visitor an affirmation of the phenomena that are not in existence in the traditional way. The point is not. The irrational numbers, the circle, infinity are not. The cross is not. The prayer, the curse, the prophecy are not. Illusion, space, dream, time, the revelation, reason, love are not. But they are in some other way. As the Art Historian Maria Sfenduraki analyzes: “Drawing inspiration from written monuments, Methimaki moves in the field of contemporary art creating a series of visual works of philosophical essence in book form. Investing in the aesthetics of the image and the text, the artist creates in these works, a biblical, mystical world of metaphysical connotations.
The exhibition was created as a single, uniform work of art with an installation structure which hopes, as its title suggests, to raise in the mind of the viewer, questions about “to be”. In it, Methimaki makes a theme out of her work’s method itself, the Prosthetic one, and expands it, crossing from the individual work to the installation. On the basis of her method, no material is removed, no action is undone. Each new project builds on the previous one incorporating its trail, each exhibition bears the seed of the previous one which it contains”. It subtly asks the question: What is Being, but not to answer it literally but to give rise to artistic creation to it approach with its own means and to the visitors the possibility to compose a personal cosmology by questioning.

Organizer: Emilia Kougia
Exhibition opening: Tuesday, January 16 (17:00-20:00) 2024
Exhibition duration: January 16 – February 20 2024
Opening hours: Tuesday: 13:00 – 20:00
From Wednesday to Monday: 08:30 – 15:30

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