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Group exhibition of sculpture “LOST MEMORABILITIES” at the National Archaeological Museum’s Cafe


The tour in the Museum by the great archaeologist and charismatic storyteller, Costas Paschalidis, provided an opportunity for five young promising sculptors to be inspired by the sculptures of the Great Museum and suggest to us the presentation of their own contemporary perspective, as a development defined by the past without though clinging to it – on the contrary, they invent new forms, ideas and sources of meaning, direct the viewer’s gaze to the human body, to the scars, to the marks that symbolize and capture lived experiences, the vulnerability and resilience of existence.
The exhibition Lost Memorabilities challenges the logic of repose, upsets the organized economy of the tour, overturns the immersion in the historical continuum of the museum narrative. Not to claim any authority over the exhibits, nor to imply continuity between past and present, nor to invent traditions, but to talk about the ceremony, process, materiality and technique in the post-digital present. The café becomes a capsule, a place of disjunction, a chemistry lab of a bunch of creators whose works oscillate between the timeless rawness of stone, metal and the relentless segmentation of the “visible” by modern computational megastructures. For the artists of the exhibition, memory is unattainable, always lost. It can only exist as a re-mythification, as a hypothesis about narrative discontinuities, as a rotational motion around interpretative gaps.

Participants: Orestis Karalis, Lazaros-Filippos Papadopoulos, Panos Prophetis, Dimitris Tabakis, George Triantafyllopoulos

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday, June 8, 2023, time 17:00-20:00
Exhibition duration: June 8 – July 4, 2023
Editing – Coordination: Emilia Kougia

Entrance to the Café is free

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