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OCT 2020


Temporary Art Exhibition of Stephen McClymont “Destruction and Reconstruction – Cycle of Life”

Three works of Stephen McClymont from the exhibition ”Destruction and Reconstruction – Cycle of Life” (© Stephen McClymont).

In the new visual art exhibition entitled “Destruction and Reconstruction – Cycle of Life” held at the National Archaeological Museum’s Café from February 27 to October 5, 2020, Stephen McClymont presents a series of mixed media art works inspired by the volcanic eruption that occurred on the island of Thera (Santorini) at the end of the 17th century BC.


The volcano explosion of Thera, illustrated for Stephen McClymont an exemplary field of artistic inspiration and investigation. The artist explored, through an imaginary inspired voyage, the remains of a civilization covered by lava and dust. Through his artistic creations he presents a glorious hymn to Life celebrated as it blooms once again through the volcanic cinders, and to Art that traverses the centuries, carrying with it the essence of human existence throughout time.


Stephen McClymont was born in Sydney, Australia. He studied at the National Art School in Sydney and at the New York Studio School. He is a professor of painting at the Paris College of Art, and has presented more than 100 solo and group exhibitions in Sydney, Brisbane, New York, Greenwich CT, Chicago, Paris, Athens, London and Berlin. His artistic concern is the exploration of the pictorial border between representation and abstraction. The artworks exhibited in this exhibition were created in his studio on an island of the Cyclades.


Duration: 27/2– 5/10/2020


The entrance to the Café is Free.

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