Classic Period


(480-310 B.C.)

Following the victory of the Greeks in the Persian wars (479 B.C.), in which the Cypriots played an active role, their bond with Greece is strengthened. The strong Greek influence that the island receives, favours also the cult of the Greek pantheon and many of the Greek gods and heroes are identified with eastern deities, already adopted in Cyprus: Zeus-Baal, Antena-Anat, Heracles-Melqart, Asklepios-Esmun, et al.

Remarkable in the pottery of this period are the jugs with figures in the round attached on the shoulder, the head of which is cast in a mould. Most of the vases of this type have been found in graves and the attached figures are in their multitude female.

In sculpture, representative types in this period are poros limestone statuettes and heads of Heracles, as well as statuettes of kourotrophoi, namely seated female figures holding a baby on their lap, which have been found in sanctuaries of the Great Goddess Aphrodite, probably as dedications by mothers for the protection of their infants or as an expression of gratitude for a successful childbirth.

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