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2018The alluring Love

Eros (Love), the primordial generative cause of everything, as an inescapable force of attraction governs gods and humans. Son himself of the enchanting Aphrodite, taking away or giving strength, exposing or empowering, sometimes jealous and vindictive, sometimes a thief and consolatory on occasion, pushes those he targets into an agonizing and relentless battle, in which all means are made use of, both right and wrong.

Love in ancient Greece retains always its original meaning of sexual attraction. This human act, through which humans partake, just for a little while, of the divine and become equal to gods, develops into a philosophical concept and takes the form of a religious promise. As evidence but also testimonies of adventures and notions for love stand the material remains.

The online unit “Exhibit of the Month” aspires in 2018 to shed light on the different visual renderings of Love together with the erotic passions of mortals and immortals, as these unfold through the objects of the National Archaeological Museum, from prehistoric times to late antiquity.