Collection of Antiquities of Thera


The Thera Room draws the attention of visitors mainly through the celebrated wall paintings, the “Spring Fresco” with the sparrows and the lilies, the “Boxing Children Fresco” and the “Antelope Fresco”. The superb prochoi with the figurative representations of lions, dolphins and birds have been inspired by the monumental painting. The devastation of the settlement caused by the volcanic eruption preserved for eternity unique pieces of evidence, such as the “”imprints”” of the wooden bed that can de discerned on its plaster cast and also traces of the ropes that fixed the mattress on it. The amphorae inscribed with the Minoan Linear A script and the lead weights of the metric system of Minoan Crete provide information, among others, on the trade relations, but also the administrative structure of the settlement, whereas the tripod cooking pots made of clay or the base of a clay vase filled with snails offer a glimpse into the kitchen of the Theran woman.

Selected works of Mycenaean Greece, the palace of Knossos and Phylakopi on Melos briefly delineate the wider world of the Aegean Sea in which Thera held a prominent position prior to the eruption of the volcano.

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